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Happy Easter Event 2014

Freaky_96 admin posted Sat at 19:03

Hey ChunkByte,

this year we want to celebrate Easter with you. So we decided to hide easter eggs over the whole server. A bonus code with some nice items can be found in the eggs. So try to find them all. As a little hint, you can't find more than 14 :D

A bright wish to share the joy of Easter time with your friends and family.

See you online :-)
Belzedar83 ecoleaderSalesmanPostCard Sooomany nice eggs i think i have to rebuild one for myself^^ Happy Bunny days to all of you
kwstoudt ecoleaderPostCard When does it end? (if ever)
Moooozilla ecoleaderPostCard Happy Bunny Day to all who celebrate!

Extending our network!

sourcemaker owner posted Apr 11, 14

Just a leaky preview.
There will be no information about the date, content or anything else ;-)
masterml5 ecoleader
masterml5 @ ChunkByte
I love it Very well done ChunkByte ^_^ ...
king5327 Resident Can't say the video is complete, but it's very good. The area itself is beautifully done, and when this is implemented a ...
Tabs_555 Resident HYPE. And will Freebuild world be deleted? or will you still be able to do /home or /freebuild to get there?


satgav HeadAdmin posted Apr 9, 14
Mojang released a news today titled 'Heartbleed' explaining that players minecraft accounts may not be safe any more!
There was a serious vulnerability in their OpenSSL as it was made public. This vulnerability could have potentially made a exploit for hackers to gain access to your information, such as login information.
This also explains the Mojang login server downtime recently due to the fact that as soon as Mojang realised this problem they shut down their systems in an attempt to stop hackers from gaining access to the information.
At the moment there is no way to confirm that your information has been leaked, so the best cause of action is for you to change your minecraft login password so make sure your account is safe!

A link for the news can be found here: Heartbleed

-ChunkByte Team

Jeffrey12323 Resident The crazy thing is that I changed my account password just earlier, before I even knew about this O_o
Belzedar83 ecoleaderSalesmanPostCard Thanks for the Information will change password directly. Better save then sorry

Hey ChunkByte, we will update the server to FTB Monster 1.1.1 at 19:00:00 GMT+1 (servertime, you can see on the left)

There were lots of updated mods and we will let you know when we are done.
Before we update, there will be a complete backup, which takes a while.

In the meanwhile: Have fun with the video :-)

** Update **
The update to Monster 1.1.1 was very successful! People already report about increased fps and smoother mining.
That's awesome!

sourcemaker owner It's not about the ping Tabs ;) It's about the permanent latency. Even if you _might_ have a good routing to the main se ...
Tabs_555 Resident Ive noticed my ping on the UK server is lower than the US server... i live in California, US........
sourcemaker owner Please come online on our Teamspeak-Server, so we can help you with that. "Didn't work" doesn't help at all an ...

Heyho ChunkByte,

the latest news about the "Huge Rank Overhaul" was -of course- a prank due to the 1st of April.
I hope you guys had fun with this announcement ;-)

No joke is, that we expanded the features of the EcoLeader-Rank and gave back a replacement of the old quantum generator: The creative energy cell.
This item is for free and will be given after rankup as EcoLeader by creating a PE. Needless to say that, this energy and the block itself is limited to the ranked-up member. (Rule was added)

Another great news, we have for you is, that the recent server-crashes are fixed.
It was caused by a non-fixed issue with the harvester while destroying jungle log somewhere in the overworld. We did a rollback on all harvesters and banned the item temporary until the next version of FTB is released.
You can use multifarms and even golems as a workaround.

We know, that stuff got lost in the last days, and sometimes I reacted a bit harsh on tells like ("source?"), but at this moment everything is running fine and lost machines got refunded very quick.
At this point I want to remind everyone, who wants to receive support from the server's staff, that we're not doing this for money. We're supporting you because we have fun doing so.
For me (sourcemaker) ChunkByte became a full-time job (70 and more hours per week) beside my studies. Both are _really_ important for me.
Some members (especially new ones) don't know this and are very demanding, have unkindness of their behavior and start moaning in the chat. This is something I really hate - it is really unfair against our work we do and task we finished, many members don't even see.

We can't keep up supporting while everything the chat is a chaos. Please create petitions (= Support-Ticket) by doing /pe create <problem description> in front of the location where the problem occurs.
Trust me - we can help quicker and better.

My greeting today goes to our awesome members from Las Vegas, Kobenhavn, Provo, Darmstadt and Friedrichskoog.
5 members sent me postcards so far and gained access to the promised lands. Thank you, guys! :-)
How this works? Click here: Free promised lands + rank

Late but not least, we have a sale in our donation shop.
Every package with bytes will be 25% off as a small accommodation due to the crashes while the last week.
This sale will expire on 16 Apr 14.

Well... that's it for today ;-)
We'll see us online!
ozzieowl Resident To Sourcemaker and All the Staff Thank You please keep up all the great work you are doing
satgav HeadAdmin I'm sure I speak for all members of ChunkByte that the time and effort you place into the server and it's members is gre ...
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